Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

How to edit your Photos using Photoscape

Photoscape is easy-to-use photo editing freeware software program that enables you to fix and enhance your photos. This is a complete package of photo editing suite including image viewer, editor, photos page printing, batch editor, photo renaming, resizing and even RAW conversion. Photoscape includes standard editing tools as well as automatic and custom adjustment options for colors, contrast, brightness, backlight corrections and many more features. It also offers a set of image effect filters, frames and masks that can be applied to create the presentation of your photos. 

How to work with Photoscape 

I. Viewer
Select first tab viewer to view your photos’ folders and double click on the photo to show slideshow of all the photos.
Image 1 – Photo viewer
II. Editor
Using this editing software, you can resize images, adjust the brightness and color, white balance, and correct the backlight of photos. This is also used for common editing option like frames, crop, red eye removal, filter, add text, picture drawing, blooming.

III. Batch editor option
This feature supports editing of the multiple photos together and you can set the several parameters like Frames, Resize, Filters, Objects and more.

IV. Page option
You can create one photo by merging several photos at the page frame. Simply select the page frame that you want and double click on the page frame to add photos or drag it from the editor view.

V. Combine option
Drag your photos into the preview bar to combine them. You can make a single photo by attaching photos vertically or horizontally refer image below.

  • To create Animated GIF, select the image and drag them into photo viewer and click on save command button to save them in animated gif file. Its easiest way to create the Animated GIF than any other editing tools.
  • This application also includes wide-ranging printing options which allow you to create print layouts to combine multiple photos on a single page and you can arrange print size according to photos.
  • This tool has additional features named Screen Capture that allow you to Capture your screenshot and save it.
Photoscape is a very complete package that will meet most of your digital image editing needs and is provided free-of-cost.